What is involved in the ICBC claims process?

Vancouver ICBC Claims Lawyer

A car accident claim can be a simple or a complex matter depending on what happened in the accident, the nature and extent of the injuries and other legal factors. Most importantly, what you receive in an ICBC settlement will be determined on the basis of the claim documentation presented to the adjuster. You may require legal help to ensure that your injury claim documentation is thorough and convincing. Even then, ICBC may disagree with you in its interpretation of your case. You may require further legal action through the courts to get a fair result.

When dealing with any insurance company, it is important to remember that your best interests are not their primary motivation. Insurance company representatives work on behalf of their employer, and protecting the profitability of the insurance company is their primary objective. Because of this, the insurance company will want to pay you as little as possible. That is why you may need the experienced and skilled representation of a lawyer who routinely handles ICBC claims, who knows the system and who understands how to maximize your financial recovery.

The Insurance (Motor Vehicle) Act

Under the Insurance (Motor Vehicle) Act of BC, your car insurance policy has two parts. The first is the Part 7 no fault portion which entitles you to contribution from ICBC for certain medical and rehabilitative costs as well as certain benefits while you are unable to work. The second part is the tort provision, which grants you the right to take legal action against a negligent party who has caused you physical, emotional or economic losses. To get a fair and just resolution under either part of the Act, you may need the skills of a qualified lawyer.

Vancouver Car Accident Lawyer Mike Coric

Mike Coric of the law firm Coric Law has been assisting individuals with accident claims throughout British Columbia for over 15 years. Because of his extensive experience, he has the knowledge and legal abilities required to handle any type of claim, whether it is an ICBC LVI denial or a complex lawsuit involving serious injuries such as brain or spinal cord damage. As a BC trial lawyer, he can take your lawsuit to trial in Provincial Court, the Supreme Court of BC or beyond. He understands the devastating effects that a motor vehicle accident can have on you and your family. His approach combines compassionate personal attention that is cost-effective with the relentless pursuit of justice on your behalf.

You can contact Mike Coric at Coric Law to get your questions answered, your concerns addressed and to get started on your ICBC claim, all without having to pay anything up front. Coric Law works on contingency fee agreements, which means that when you get paid, the firm will get paid out of your settlement recovery funds.

The Value of Your Claim

In any legal action taken under the tort provisions of the Act, you should be compensated from the negligent party in such a way as to restore you to your pre-accident state. This is often difficult to quantify and the courts will determine what that value is based on the evidence presented and on previous similar judicial decisions. Many factors will be considered in determining this value, from pain and suffering to how much was lost in past wages, what may be lost in future wages, what future medical care may be needed, special costs that you have incurred as a result of the accident, and more.

The outcome of your case may depend in some measure on the quality of your legal representation. Mike Coric offers dedicated and efficient legal assistance and representation. He values all of his clients and is personally involved in each case, unlike some large personal injury firms where a junior lawyer will be assigned to your file and you will never meet the person whose name is on the firm’s letterhead. Mike works hard to achieve a strong and mutually beneficial lawyer-client relationship that will lead to positive results. If you are looking for representation that is aggressive, fair and ethical, you need look no further.