In some of my other blogs, I have emphasized the importance of not settling an ICBC claim without first speaking to a lawyer. I have done this for a few reasons. One, an experienced personal injury lawyer will have a good idea of the value of your claim. They will be in a good position […]

Chiropractors can provide enormously valuable treatment to those suffering from motor-vehicle accident-related injuries. What once was viewed as an alternative medical treatment has gained widespread acceptance amongst traditional medical practitioners. If you have been injured in a car accident, ICBC recognizes the value in receiving treatment from a chiropractor – it is one form of […]

If you have been injured, whether that is in a motor-vehicle or a slip-and-fall accident, you must seek prompt medical attention. Your first stop may be to a clinic or in severe cases, a hospital. However, most people who are not seriously injured at the scene of their accident will first go to see their […]

If you have been injured in an accident in BC; your first step will be to see a general practitioner (GP). This person may be your family doctor, or the doctor on call at a walk-in clinic. After receiving an initial consultation and prognosis of your medical condition from the walk-in clinic doctor, you should […]

Car accidents can cause all types of injuries, from relatively minor injuries such as whiplash, to major injuries such as broken bones and brain injuries. Obviously, if you are suffering from a major injury, you should make an insurance claim through ICBC. However, moderate to less serious injuries should also be pursued with the assistance […]

I have represented clients in personal injury cases for over ten years. Time and again I see clients making the same simple errors. These errors cause problems and delays in dealing with their claims. In some cases, a lack of proper documentation has led to a smaller level of recovery. Broadly speaking, the following mistakes […]

So you’ve just been involved in some kind of personal injury accident – a slip-and-fall, a motor vehicle accident (car, truck, motorcycle), or cycling accident. On top of dealing with paperwork, possible pain and the stress of the entire claims process, you may have pre-existing injuries which have been exacerbated by your changed circumstances. No […]

Social media is everywhere and can affect the outcome of your ICBC claim. If you have a claim pending, are scheduled for an examination for discovery, or are in the middle of a settlement process, ICBC investigators may be combing cyberspace looking for your digital thumbprint. This article emphasizes the importance of using social media […]

Most of us do it every day. We walk to work; we run a quick errand; or take the dog out for a stroll. Sidewalks are typically readily available and present very few risks. However,  pedestrians can become the unwilling victim of a car accident, at either marked or unmarked crosswalks. This article discusses specific […]

SAFER DRIVING: SUMMER ROAD TRIPS DO’S AND DON’TS Summer driving in British Columbia is without a doubt the most enjoyable driving season. However, the statistics say that driving during the summertime can be just as dangerous as driving during the winter and can lead to accident and injury. The sun, the breeze and the laid-back […]